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Caravan Insurance

We will make sure you have the best caravan cover for a great price

When it comes to Caravan Insurance, we are more than confident that we have the cover you need for the best price possible. With unique access to Caravan Insurance schemes designed for your caravanning lifestyle, backed up by our expert team. 

Types of Caravan Insurance?

When selecting your caravan insurance, make sure you choose a policy that reflects the type of caravan you own.

The difference between a touring and a static caravan is that tourers are towed from place to place by a car, whereas a static caravan usually stays at a typical park home for many years.

Static Caravan Insurance

Static Caravan Insurance

Static caravan insurance is very similar to house insurance, although not a legal requirement, some caravan parks might insist you have a policy in place. Cover for damage and theft is standard, you can also get cover on public liability and damage caused by paying guests if you rent out your caravan.

Touring Caravan Insurance

Tourer Caravan Insurance

Although tourers are towed by a vehicle, it is not compulsory to have insurance. In most cases, your car insurance won’t cover damage to your caravan while being towed. So, if you have an accident that is your fault, you’ll end up paying the bill for any damages caused. Policies vary on the type of cover you require, however, the typical type of cover can be theft, accidental damage, stolen contents, and third-party liability.

Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome Insurance

Unlike Static and Tourer Caravans, Motorhome Insurance is a legal requirement because motorhomes are classed as vehicles, like cars and vans. A motorhome policy can also cover things like awnings and personal possessions. The typical type of policy would cover traffic accidents, damage to your motorhome and others, fire damage, theft, and more.

Park Home Insurance

Park Home Insurance

Park Home Insurance is designed specifically for the ‘non-standard’ construction and legislation relating to park homes. Standard home and contents insurance wouldn’t cover you for these types of properties. Park home insurance protects your home and contents against most types of loss or damage, with straightforward replacement or repair, carried out promptly.

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Our experienced team, based in Swansea have many years of experience in the variety of caravan insurance available. We will calculate your premium, using our knowledge and the access we have to many caravan insurance schemes on offer. Saving you time and energy covering for all possible situations.

For more information, either call us on 01792 641611 or fill in the form on this page and one of our experts will get in touch.

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